Thursday, August 20, 2009

Porcelain Doll

Material = Cotton (Stretchable)

Fits = L - XL (Maximum UK size 18)

Measurement :-

Bust = 44 inch
Length = 32.5inch

Description = We named it porcelain doll. ;) With the sense of english style add up to this dress, it looks fernominally classy! It has a medium poof sleeves till elbow part, and this dress almost reaches a knee length. Beautifully done! It also has a lining inside to prevent see-thru. ;) The material is superbly soft and very comfortable indeed. Let's go for a hi-tea ladies?!

Colour =
  1. Purple - SOLD
  2. Red - SOLD
  3. Grey - SOLD
  4. Orange - SOLD