Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Come borong-borong!

Hello beautiful ladies, and gents ;)

We are opening our first booth (outdoor - flea market) at FLM's Treat Your Needs. Checkout this flayer... Click for larger image.

We are selling clothes (from Nonoy-B by Affluence Creations), One Drop Perfumes by Purple Extreme . , shoes (pre-loved items) and some of our pre-loved clothes, handbags and accessories.

There's a brand new clothing or even a 2nd hand items that you can grab from us at a very reasonable prices! ;)

For a 2nd hand items a.k.a pre-loved, its going to be so cheap.. u feel like u so sedih to even bargain. hehe trust me! =D

And for a brand new items, prices cannot be negotiable. hmm.. it's consider a C.O.D.

I will post few pictures of the 2nd hand items, at the next entry. *a.s.a.p (IF possible lah) *

So do come and visit us there!!!

Let's panas-panas with the blogger babes! =D

Yours Truly..xoxo